• IPS-6-with-Inositol

IP-6 with Inositol


Sold in 240 ct

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Gold represents a new gold standard in IP6 products level of research providing the highest level of purity and potency available today. After years of recommending various natural products to consumers, I find that IP6 Gold truly holds the ability to impact your health with a broad spectrum of benefits. Due to the depth and scope of research with a track record of proven results and safety profile.

IP6 Gold is truly a multi-action formula that is recognized as a potent antioxidant, provides comprehensive immune support, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, helps maintain normal glucose metabolism, supports healthy renal function and more.  IP6 Gold extracts from rice bran, contains naturally occurring plant-based minerals, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that are easily absorbed and contribute healthy bones and teeth.  As a result, IP6 Gold is recommended by professionals worldwide.

Suggested Use: 2 Capsules twice per day.   Most effective taken on an empty stomach

240 Vegetarian Capsules


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